FAQs for Chapter Directors

Do I have to attend NLC Convention? 

At least one 2019-2020 NLC Chapter Director from each chapter MUST be in attendance at the 2019 NLC Convention in Des Moines.  No exceptions! Subsidies for Chapter Directors are only available to those serving the July 2019 - June 2020 programmatic year. 


What am I responsible for in terms of payment and what does NLC provide? 

All Chapter Directors must pay for their Registration fees for NLC Convention.  Travel and double occupancy hotel rooms will be paid for directly from NLC. 


When should I arrive in Des Moines? 

We hope that you will join for the entirety of Convention as it is an important opportunity to get to know and learn from your fellow co-directors. However, Chapter Directors are required to be at Saturday’s session.  Additionally for those who are attending for less than the three days, may be responsible for their own hotel rooms costs. Programming for NLC Convention will begin at 11 AM on Thursday, July 25. 


What steps do I need to take right now? 

If you are definitely going to serve as a Chapter Director for the 2019-2020 programmatic year, go ahead and register for Convention now.  2019-2020 Chapter Directors do NOT need to register with a hotel room. More information on choosing your roommates and booking flights will be provided in the coming months. 


Speaking of roommates, how do I choose mine? 

You will assigned a roommate who is also a Chapter Director.  If you choose to room with someone from your Chapter who is not a director, you will be responsible for paying for your own hotel room. 


Recommendations for how to best utilize funds in my discretionary budget targeted for Convention subsidies? 

NLC will be discussing best practices for allocating funds on a future chapter directors call.