Alex Bores

NLC New York City '20 Alumnus

NLC Spark! Talk

Spark! Talk Title: Don't Let Democracy Get Hacked

Alex Bores leads the business side of Promise, a startup focused on criminal justice reform. Earlier this year he cofounded Foresight2020 (with NYC ’19 Fellow Amy Larsen), a nonprofit that has become the largest provider of live, personalized cybersecurity training for political campaigns in the country.

Previously, Alex used AI to detect and prevent financial crimes at Merlon Intelligence. Before that, he was one of the overall leads of Palantir's government business, helping the U.S. contain the spread of diseases, serve our veterans, close opioid pill mills, and recover billions of dollars for taxpayers.

Alex is a 2020 Fellow from NYC. He was named 40 Under 40 by the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (2019); a Truman Scholar (2012); and had his real claim to fame in 2004, when he had 5 seconds of screen time in a movie with a dismal 10% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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