Charo Valero

NLC Miami '15 Alumna
Florida Policy and Advocacy Director, Florida Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice

Healthcare and Entrepreneurship

Born and raised in Panama City, Panama, Charo Valero is a proud immigrant and queer Latina feminist. In 2005, she moved to Miami, Florida where she currently resides with her wife and two geriatric dogs. Charo is an activist and organizer, connecting communities to politics and amplifying our power.

She currently serves as the Florida Policy and Advocacy Director for the Florida Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice, advocating and educating at the intersection of reproductive health and immigration.

Whether in her professional life or her work supporting iniatitives in her community, Charo strives to inspire and build solidarity amongst women and femmes, queer folks, and folks of color.

Charo is a Virgo and loves travelling, Excel and a good laugh.

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