David Radcliff

NLC Los Angeles '16 Alumnus

NLC Spark! Talk

Spark! Talk Title: There Are No Special Needs: Reframing Disability After COVID

David Radcliff was the 2018 co-director of the Los Angeles institute of NLC, which was recognized by National as Institute of the Year. Born with cerebral palsy and raised in Nebraska, he has worked in business, education, journalism, and television and is a graduate of USC and UCLA.

A member of the Writers Guild of America and of the Think Tank for Inclusion & Equity, David has written television for ABC and Netflix and consulted on the Sundance Award-winning documentary Crip Camp.

He continues to craft speeches and cause-oriented content and has written for clients including Southern California Grantmakers, City of Hope, and the Milken Institute Celebration of Science. David has also spoken on disability equity for organizations including The Kennedy Center, Bank of America, the Veterans Affairs Office of Los Angeles, and CalTech.

He would love to work with NLC alums and to stop referring to himself in third-person.

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