Dr. Kristen Guillory

President and Chief Consultant, KSGuillory Enterprises

Healthcare and Entrepreneurship

Dr. Kristen Guillory, as featured on Fox and CBS affiliates as well as multiple podcasts and magazines, is a true force. She is a sought after speaker and trainer who uses her signature method that incorporates her own life experiences, contagious enthusiasm, dance, and a touch of humor. Dr. Guillory has spoken over 800 times to over 70,000 people in Fortune 500 Companies, Universities, School Districts, and more. She has spoken in the United States and Colombia. Dr. Guillory is a renowned speaker coach who has coached celebrities, educators, mothers, CEOs, and more.

She has often been the only woman of color to be invited to speak and is looking to change this. She is the author of Walking Through the Fog: Holding on to Hope When you Can't See the Sun, AND It's Ok to Take a Break: 52 Tips on Self Care and Mental Wellness.

A Dallas native, Dr. Guillory discovered her gift to encourage at the age of 14 and knew she always wanted to help others. Since then, she has created over 60 youth and adult programs, graduated with her Bachelors's from Texas Christian University, where she has taught in the graduate social work program. And speaking of teaching, she has taught at four universities often being the only and one of the few Black Women professors. She has been invited to present her research in Europe, conducted her Ph.D. research on the school completion and dropout among African American males, has extensive experience in mental health as a program director, advocate, and trainer, with her most requested topics being Self Care and Compassion Fatigue

Currently, Dr. Guillory owns a consulting firm where she coaches speakers and provides professional development. As a trainer + strategist, Dr. Guillory has trained employees working at Fortune 500 companies, universities, school districts & nonprofits.

Dr. Guillory has broken many barriers from earning a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Arlington at 27 years old to being the only African American and woman who graduated with a Ph.D. from her department that year to teaching her first graduate class at 24 years old to institutions creating positions just for her and much more! She thought she knew where life would like her.

And then 2013 happened. After experiencing a tragedy in 2013, her life changed and so did her goals. In 2014 she stepped away from a fantastic professor position in faith. And the journey continues as she strives to be a catalyst for Healing, Hope, and Purpose.

In her spare time, she solo traveling, enjoys comedy, dancing, and spending time with her family, especially her nephews!

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