Gabriel Tanglao

NLC New Jersey '17 Alumnus
Associate Director of Professional Development and Instructional Issues, New Jersey Education Association

NLC Resiliency Ball

As a proud Filipino-American, son of a union-nurse, and product of New Jersey public schools, Gabriel has strong roots as an educator-activist. He started teaching economics in the wake of the Great Recession at Bergenfield High School, located in one of the most culturally diverse working-class communities in the state. Beyond the classroom, Gabriel has served as an advisor to a variety of student-driven organizations to help cultivate the next generation of young leaders. Active in his union, Gabriel has helped strengthen the labor movement at the local, state, and national levels by cultivating networks, organizing members, and facilitating leadership training. He has worked to build collective understanding around the issues centered on principles of racial equity and educational justice.

Committed the modern progressive movement, Gabriel's service to the New Leaders Council community includes a term as Chair of the National Diversity Committee, Member of the National Board of Directors, Co-chair of Diversity & Inclusion for the New Jersey Chapter, Senior Fellow for the Millennial Policy Initiative on Education, contributor to The New Leader Criminal Justice Reform Series, and facilitator for LEAD & DEI institutes.

Gabriel now serves as Associate Director of Professional Development and Instructional Issues for the New Jersey Education Association, and leads the statewide organizing efforts for Racial Equity, Affirmation, and Literacy -- known as the REAL movement. He earned an MA in Economics Education and Entrepreneurship from the University of Delaware, an MS in Teaching, and BA in Political Science from Pace University.

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