Nsé Ufot

NLC Atlanta '12 Alumna
CEO, New Georgia Project

NLC Spotlight

Nsé Ufot is the chief executive officer of the New Georgia Project (NGP) and its affiliate, New Georgia Project Action Fund (NGP AF). Nsé leads both organizations with a data-informed approach and a commitment to developing tools that make it easier for every voter to engage in every election. Nsé and her team are also developing Georgia’s home-grown talent by training and organizing with local activists across the state. She has dedicated her life and career to working on civil, human and workers’ rights issues and leads two organizations whose complementary aim is to strengthen Georgia’s democracy.
Under Nsé’s leadership, NGP has registered nearly 450,000 Georgians to vote. Nsé has been a driving force in merging civil rights advocacy with technology, allowing her team of organizers to have high quality conversations with first time and infrequent voters, in person, and via one of the mobile apps built by the voting rights organization. Nse’s commitment to deploying effective, established methods of civil rights and community organizing, is matched by her commitment to innovating and advancing those methods by leveraging art, culture, and technology. Her research and advocacy around using block chain as a tool to combat voter suppression, and the video games that NGP builds that are designed to de-mystify how government and elections work, have made her a recognized leader in various national and international pro-democracy, civic engagement, and voter education spaces.

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