Xahej Bajipura

NLC Palm Beach '20 Alumna
Founder and Executive Director, Show and Heal

Healthcare and Entrepreneurship

"I see myself in others and see others in myself as if I am looking in the mirror. I believe all humans are connected to one another in ways that cannot meet the naked eye but can be felt with an open heart." ~ Xahej (pronounced zah-edge; name derived from Sanskrit “Sahaj” meaning “born within,” “spontaneous,” or “effortless”)

Xahej "Ms. Xi" Bajipura is the Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit, Show and Heal. Show and Heal celebrates diversity, social inclusion, and self-care of adolescents.

Through her eyes and heart, she knows all children are created equal. And through her service, she envisions a future in which every child will have a voice and a place in society as we include and invest in children for shared prosperity.

She is grateful for her exposure to multiculturalism and varied lifestyles, during her travels and growing up in San Francisco. She observed many value systems and learned that there is more than one path in life; none greater than another.

Ms. Xi is also a Title 1 public high school teacher with over 15 years of experience advocating for thousands of youth in schools, nonprofits, juvenile detention centers, on the streets, and government agencies. She challenges students' assumptions and preconceived notions with Show and Heal's YouTube and social media channels. These are some means to unlearn hate, and learn appreciation and celebration of diverse youth through their real-life stories.

Ms. Xi is in "the trenches" and witnesses her students' struggles which affect their academics, personal, and professional pursuits. They have come to bond with her and share their deepest fears, including family and societal pressures.

These experiences have led her to care more about her students' health than their test scores, which actually have a positive correlation. When she was their age, she longed for the tools to be able to de-stress and focus on success. She believed those tools would've made a difference. In her personal journey, she has discovered and utilized a variety of holistic, self-care practices that she finds our youth in schools are longing for. It is her life's mission to lift younger generations and prepare them for life's challenges.

Show and Heal utilizes social media to break stereotypes and share stories of who people are authentically. Show and Heal is a conduit for experiences in self-exploration (in-person and now digital) such as 1) self-care support systems 2) teen empathy and empowerment initiatives 3) international travel study tours and 4) Virtual Diversity Day.

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