NLC Spotlights


With nearly 9,000 alumni and fellows, NLC is an organization rich in talent with individuals who are making real progressive change in communities.  We gather each summer at NLC Convention to build our progressive bench through leadership and policy conversations and to spotlight the great work of NLC alumni. 


We are requesting nominations for NLC community members who are engaging in the work surrounding NLC's values; those who are NLC's success stories! NLC alumni who are selected will be honored at NLC 2020 National Convention in Philadelphia from August 6-8, 2020.  


What qualities are you looking for in an NLC Spotlight nominee? 

NLC is looking to honor community members with the drive to create change; those who are innovative, disruptive and/or are taking a values-aligned approach to their work; and whose work highlights an overall commitment and/or have demonstrated effectiveness of the NLC Institute. NLC is seeking a diverse field of candidates to Spotlight at Convention. 


Who can be nominated for an NLC Spotlight? 

Any NLC alumni can be nominated, but we will prioritize those who can showcase the effectiveness of the NLC Institute within their work. 


What is the process for choosing the NLC Spotlights

All nominees will be notified to assess their interest in attending NLC Convention and receiving the honor of an NLC Spotlight. Nominees will have until May 8, 2020 to complete an interest form. The NLC Spotlight Committee will use the information in the nomination form as well as the nominee’s own responses to select those to be honored and share their work with a 5-minute talk at NLC Awards Dinner on Friday, August 7, 2020. 


If I am selected, will I have to pay to attend Convention? 
Those selected for an NLC Spotlight will receive an All-Access Pass for NLC 2020 National Convention as well as up to a $200 reimbursement for travel costs. 


How do I nominate someone to receive an NLC Spotlight? 

You can nominate someone for an NLC Spotlight here. Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. pacific time on Monday, April 20, 2020.